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“LET’S GET WET!” GROUP BUILD IS NOW ON. JAN 1, 2023 - July 1, 2023 ×

617 Sqn Tornado Dambuster 70th

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Thank you for your feedback Harv, Gary and DocRob.

The quality of the kit and the detailing is much better than that of the Mirage. 
So up to now it’s no patience tester at all.        I hope that this will go on during the rest of the build…😉

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Your Rio bangseat and instrument panel assembly look spot on and so good. Weathering is light, so very realistic and so good..

Your style of weathering compliments my thoughts and preference: light and delicate to bring out the details and textures. Anything more would require the model to be shown on a vignette style base, letting the viewer understand: time, place and the reason for the chosen weathering.

Keep 'em comin



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Thank you for your feedback Peter. I like smooth weathering too only to bring out the details.

I managed to nearly complete the cockpit within the last days. Only the oxygen hoses of the crew are missing and I have to add the first light to the HUD. I have to scratch the hoses with wire because the ones from PJ Productions included are unusable.

Here are some pics of the actual status:



















Next update to follow soon.

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Thank you all for your feedback. 

Today I managed to add all missing hoses: The oxygen hoses of the crews‘ oxygen masks and the hoses to the ejection seats.

For the masks of the crew I found a perfect reference foto in the internet:


And for the hoses to the ejection seats:


All hoses were scratched from wire.

This is how they came out:

Pilot and front ejection seat:




WSO and back ejection seat:




Final step will be adding the light to the HUD.

This will be the topic for the next post.

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21 hours ago, GazzaS said:

Great texturing on those hoses, Kai!  The lighting on the HUD will be awesome!

Thank you for your feedback Gary! I try to do the lighting on the HUD this weekend and post some pictures here then.


17 hours ago, Peterpools said:


The oxygen hoses, front office and the crew look spot on. Looking so good.

Keep ‘em comin


Thank you for your feedback Peter! Much appreciated! 

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Today I managed to install the light for the HUD.

It‘s one of the lights out the set from Magic Scale Modeling which I will use for the Model.


The set consists of a motherboard and LEDs which have to be painted with transparent colors because they are very bright. 
They are glued in place with UV-glue which comes with the set. This one I bought extra for my Dambuster Lancaster because there were many more things to attach.

Bondic UV-glue set:


Test-run with painted light:


Mother board and power supply:


Light running:




And switched off:


Cabling alongside the cockpit tub:


Everything stored for further assembly.

The „3“ belongs to the pin on the motherboard to which the plug has to be connected in the end.


It‘s really plug-n-play. You only have to think about where to place the motherboard in the model and how to do the cabling within the model.

Now the cockpit is complete and I can start with the undercarriage.

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Last weekend I painted the fuselage front halves from the inside and test-fitted the cockpit.

The test showed that some rework was necessary in the region of the HUD.

I had to grind the surfaces at the inside thinner to make the glas-part fit perfectly.

With this rework the fit of the cockpit is ok.

What is noticeable too is that much of the details of the side-consoles is hidden deep inside the fuselage.

Here are some pics showing the test-fit:





Next step is the assembly of the front gearwheel bay and the nose gear with the next light of the Magic Scale Modeling Set used for the nose-wheel landing light.


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All I can say Kai is that the whole cockpit looks wonderful.  Just enough of those details deep around the pilots are visible to make it interesting.  And what really stands out is the excellent weathering at the top, in the bang seats and electronics, and pilots.

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On 1/25/2022 at 11:08 PM, Folkwulfe said:

Man!......truly awesome work on the cockpit. Can't wait to see the updates as you make them. I'm grabbing the popcorn and sliding the chair up close and front row!


Thank you for your feedback and that you will accompany my build. 

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