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Hobby Boss M911 CHET Tractor


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Just finished this one. The trailer will follow but I need a break to do something other than rust for a bit!






Done OOB, it goes together well and is pretty straightforward to put together as you can do it as a nice break down of sub-units.

Idea behind it was to try some rust techniques so I decided to do a 'what if' civilian version which has seen a bit of abuse down the years. Done using Mig Ammo paints and weathering products other than Tamiya clear orange for the roof lights and buff for the dust on the tyres and lower bodywork. 

It's not perfect but I'm pretty happy with it for a first attempt. Biggest regret is not swapping out the supplied string for the winches as it's just too 'hairy' to look great.


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Thanks fellas. I have to say Martin it did end up being good fun. I was a bit intimidated at first but once I grasped you couldn't really go too far with the chipping on something as beat-up looking as this, it was enjoyable to see just how far you could push it.

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Gus, the Chet looks amazing congrats on the weathering, love the rust plus the wear tear. This is what I love about AFV’s and vehicle’s you can go to town on the weathering. Look back at my first finished project I posted on LSM, there wasn’t one bit of weathering on it. It was a Marder IIIH and they do need some. Just need to learn how to weather wingy things…….

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With trepidation Phil. I'm not sure the pink ball is as much in England's favour as the press are making out. Just can't see where we're going to make enough runs. Even as a long retired club swing bowler, I'd fancy bowling at Burns. There are so many moving parts in his technique that unless everything is in perfect synch he's so vulnerable.

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