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HK Models Lancaster Cockpit Section

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First real completed Large Scale Kit for this site. The Lancaster cockpit section from HK Models. This is quite large, and I can't begin to imagine how large the whole thing is! I'm not as accomplished as most of you here, but I did a for me, good job. tried some weathering techniques inside, with some worn off metal by chipping the floors and desks etc. hard to see from outside. I used the Eduard Cockpit set as the kit comes with nothing. Surprised really, but I guess we can't get everything we want! Canadian subject because Canada!


Anyway, I started this this summer, and completed it today!






For some reason the chipping on the display cart doesn't show up in the images, and the Canopy is not fixed in place, I chose to leave it removable so I can peak inside...



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I like the result very much, Harald. You've done this impressive kit justice, with fine detailing and painting. I've thought about doing one Lancaster nose myself sometimes, as the whole thing is too large for me. Tasty push you gave me with yours.

Cheers Rob

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14 minutes ago, Winnie said:

I agree Harv. I bought the HpH B-52 Cockpit, but I wish it had fuselage sides... But I hope to do it some justice!

Can't wait to see it ! I thought about getting one myself. The BUFF is my personal favorite....harv

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Nicely done there Harald. Great job on getting that window blister on cleanly. 

It would be nice to see more of these nose kit sections come out. A B-17 one would be pretty cool with all the nose art they had. 


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