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RN FG-1 Phantom 1/32 scratch conversion

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Here we go again. After finishing the lengthy FGR-2 kitbash last week, I wanted to do another build of a British Phantom. A RN FG-1 this time using only the Revell kit. As I still had the remains of the Tamiya and Revell kits, including the forward fuselage of the Revell F-4F, this gives me a good starting point. IMHO the Revell kit is more suitable to convert into the Spey powered aircraft. This should be a quicker way to build this Phabulous aircraft ( famous last words). I also had the Avionix cockpitset handy so that will be adapted to suit.

Let's see how this turns out shall we?





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Today the Revell F-4G arrived, and I wasted no time to work on it. This kit is a better option than the F, as it has both slotted an unslotted tailplanes. The fuselage parts have been glued together. And the fintop needs reshaping. Work has also been done to the wings by cutting away the ailerons.

Learning from the FGR2 build I have added the upperwing fairings taken from the Tamiya kit. I also cut away some of the stiffening web that prevented the fitting of the engines in the previous build. You live and learn.

This model will have deployed slats and I am glad I saved all the bits from the previous project as I have cut the slats from the Tamiya wings.





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Nice start on this Cees. 

You were asking about leading edge slats on BM. Here's the page out of The Modern Phantom Guide. Although it's primarily on US F-4s, I believe the wings were the same on the British versions. 



This is the Wolfpack dropped flap set instructions. Again this is for the E/EJ hard wing but should be the same. 





Hope that helps and let me know if you want any more pics of the Wolfpack parts. 


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Some more work.

Modifying the Revell outerwings is not easy. Tamiya ones would be better. Does anyone have some in the sparesbox?

The Tamiya slats have been glued together. Also clearly to be seen is that the Revell rear fuselage can be easily modified forvthe bigger Spey exhaust. These plastic rings are 30 mm in diameter.







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Some work having been done. Leading edge slats cut out.

From thick plasticard I plan to modify the waist so the area rule (coke bottle shape) dissappears by clamping the sides to get a straight line. This also needed a cutout in the sides for the undercarriage bays to make room.

I also received the Flightpath resin short nose.

Sooo, plenty of things going on.







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Some more progress on the aux. air doors structure. Also glued the widening piece firmly to the fuselage. You can clearly see the width and the waist is almost gone. Now the upperwing pieces do not fit anymore. Some rigoureus sanding will take care if that. And the resin nose has been made to fit. This is done on the spare nose so I can make a better cut on the definitive one.







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Thanks Anthony,

Compared to your masterpiece mine is a rushjob, but an enjoyable one.

After comparing with references the nose was still too long and I had to shorten it further. Now it looks better. 🙂


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