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Ok… I'm on the home stretch with the FEEB… some test shots before shes done… (part 3)!


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…. with a little teaser pic: a model I am building for a future book on WnW, so I won't reveal anything further, but just to give you a starter for this page and perhaps some motivation… cheers guys, good luck with this little loverly corner of LSM! Happy modeling, Jeroen


PS - a request: please don't use this on FB in any way. It's not a secret strictly speaking, but I don't want to reveal to much of the book. Sorry guys, I hope you understand...







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OMG!!!!!!! That's a kick off!!!

Jeroen Thanks for sharing in WnW Fans LSM. ;)

I must say that all the photos i saw (yes there's more...) this is the best Fe2 in the internet!


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A brief update. I'm working on a ME109 G6 at the moment but will pickup this project again mid december. Outer upper wings need to be fixed and rigged, but they are painted already, as is the tail boom. Things should go swift from here on. This is where she stands at the moment. Happy modeling, Jeroen







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My eyes just exploded!  What am inspiration!  If I can make my models look 1/3 of what you produce I would explode with excitement!


I never wanted to build WWI until seeing what WnW produces and the amazing builds done by this group!


Oh...almost forgot with all the excitement, (1) book for me please! :)

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No, still not done but I'm close to the finish and I just wanted to take some pics as a test for the final series. what is yet to come? Machinegun, front window, sales, skis, night lamps, flaps, rudder and some final rigging (thank god). I have to work on some finer details and get some little mishaps out of the way but I think it will be fine. This is where she stands now… I hope you like her. All comments welcome as usual, happy modeling, Jeroen







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