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The Great LSP Twins Group Build Starts Jan 24, 2024 - End July 3, 2024 ×

WNW Alb D.V 4578~17 Jasta B / E. Boehme

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Hellfire Bo....just when I thought that I would never see a build as great as the last, are up there with the very best of them. This is just mind blowing.


How did you achieve those shades on those frames in that first picture?


I really have about 1000 questions, and I don't really know where to begin. Thanks for the inspiration  :respect:

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You are here, Bo?

Coool. :D

A warm welcome.

Just see Boehme's upper wing is still not mounted? :huh:

........................ You're slower than me with the albatross. :rolleyes:





Hehe, I followed you here Bertl. :) (I was looking for pictures of your Dr.1 seat & screen ;) )


yes I am maybe the slowest. :(


but wings get covered soon ;)

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This makes LSM website the first one to house the two best albatros builds on the web (IMHO) - this one and Bertl's ;)

Welcome Bo!

 Most generous of you to say, Ssasho0 -- however Bertl is in an entirely different galaxy, maybe even different universe; I am a mere dilettante compared. But he gives us something to shoot for, eh? ;)

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spechless.....  :omg: 


Welcome Bo! That`s a awesome built!! It`s just awesome to have you and Bertl here in LSM, given LSM and WnW Fans sub-forum the prominence that it deserves! Thanks so much guys!! :)




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In lieu of going over and spending the next 24 hours drooling over your Alby builds, I'll just ask here.


Did you paint your kit prop, or is that one of the wooden aftermarket ones? The wood grain is fantastic!

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Hi joe, thanks! it's the kit prop painted -- usual technique (colored pencils over painted base).


Thanks Bo. I really need to practice that technique. One of the things holding me up is spending too much time trying to perfect the prop. Thankfully, WNW provides all the models, so I have extras to practice on!

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