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Any middle aged modeller suffering from wrist cramps ?


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No , not for that reason ..😁

..from shaking with wits out of paint bottles to mix them up, esp if they are a bit older .

I bought one of these Timodel Shakers a year ago , was a bit dubious how effective it would be , as it is a rebranded generic chinese nail polish shaker. However after using it for a while I can report it works well . With new paint if you added some thinner to the bottle @ 15 seconds and your good to go. Also works for rejunvinating older paints that have settled. For ancient paints I give them quick stir to break up the sediment and then shake them for 30 seconds , with good results. I work mainly with Tamiya, Alclad and Vallejo FYI

This one is battery powered ( not great) but works far better on a mains lead . Comes with a UK plug too . Paid £28 for mine from Jadlam , they are on eBay for the same.

I've no relation or stake in the company , just a surprised happy user .






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I use an old jig saw with a small Irwin wood clamp inserted into the blade holder. 


I simply cup my hand around the bottle while it’s running.  Jig saw is variable speed so it’s not full throttle shaking.  Go as fast or as slow as I want.  

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I have this one.

mini-vortex-mixer-use-683x1024.jpegIt works really well on Vallejo style dropper bottles. It's a little harder to use for Tamiya style bottles, but the advantage of using it is, it really feels good on your hand, thumb and wrist when you use it...lol

Ron G 

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