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1/32 Revell / ICM Gloster Gladiator 247 Sdn 1940 Plymouth

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Ok so first build of 2023 , first completion for this forum. 


Gladiator HP-B N2308 247 Sdn Roborough Plymouth October 1940 . Revell re pop of ICM tooling. Sillouhette cut masks for seriels , kit decals which were ok for Revell for once . The Revell boxing includes this aircraft, but both the seriels and the paint scheme are incorrect , as they copied from a scheme worn by the Old Warden Glad a few years ago . 


I’ve wanted to build this aircraft for around 10 years. & I'm not without history on this subject. Two , ( count them ) attempts were made using Roden(t)s 1/48 offering ( both binned mid build as not good )


But why the obsession with this particular aircraft?

 Well .......247 were the last RAF squadron to use Glads on mainland UK.

My father as a young lad (12) in Plymouth remembered seeing them in the air overhead in the summer of 1940 ....well... that nailed it for me as "have to do" . Oddly - as a similar aged child I used to go to (now civil) Roborough to watch the RN Chipmunks train. Isn't life a circle at times?

 From Aug 40 - March 41 they defended HM Dockyard Devonport based from RAF Roborough , the light civil grass airfield built just north of Plymouth in the late 20s and hastily taken over by the RAF in 1938. The runway was too short to accommodate early Spits or Hurries with fixed pitch props ( which needed a longer take off run ( 1700ft) than the variable pitch props that came later (800ft ish) . In late 1941 a much larger airfield 7 miles north was built at RAF Harrowbeer, and Roborough was left for liaison and the odd SAR aircraft.

 So the poor old Glads had to make do defending Plymouth with occasional help from squadrons based at Exeter's larger airfield until well into the blitz, when they were swapped out for Hurricanes (Feb 41) . 

 I bought this wonderful book about 12 years ago . Made in conjunction with the Squadron Association , it provides a wealth of details from formation to disbandment , including all the aircraft flown etc . They became "China British" later in the war as they had "sponsorship" from Hong Kong businesses and expats.



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that looks brilliant - weathering is spot on. I'm deeply impressed by anyone who tackles wires and extra wings, it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about them !!!!! Great personal story to go with a great build.


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4 minutes ago, KevinM said:

Nice Build !and is this the one you were rigging imitating the Pub?😋

I had had a few , and was playing around with the model doing little jobs ...when common sense came over me and I left the Top wing till the next day . Man's gotta know his limitations 😃

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