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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

A couple minor changes are being implemented, y’all.


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You’ll notice a couple small changes in our LSM Work in Progress area.

Let’s face it, we all build in all scales. 1/48 is a popular scale for a reason, and we have allowed 1/48 as an LSM for a couple years now, SO…..

To allow our 1/48 builds the recognition they deserve, I’ve created a new sub forum titled LSM 1/48 Work in Progress,and I’ve moved a couple in progress 1/48 builds to there. 
I’ve also retitled the previous WIP as 1/35 and larger. 
I’ll be tweaking a few of the forums as we go forward, with the simple goal of making this a bit more user friendly.

As always, I’m open to ideas.  Moderators will be tweaking it now that it’s set up, but you can help by moving your 1/48 build to the 1/48 area, right beside the 1/35 and larger area.

If 1/24 becomes more popular, I may entertain a separate 1/24 and larger sub forum.

Also, we have a complete armor area, y’all.  Please use it!  

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Good move, Ernie, but please do not add a specific 1/24 sub-forum. Cluttering a forum opening page with plenty of sub-forums is a sure way of creating confusion and boredom. That’s one major reason why I finally stopped even opening ARC …

And besides, whilst I can sometimes be accused of being a scale snob, I am also really enjoy watching - even if by accident initially - build threads outside my areas of preference : I found I could learn plenty of new techniques and discover new things this way.


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I like including the very popular 1/48 scale into the LSM sections. I hope that means, that finished 1/48 builds can be presented in the 'LSM armour/aircraft Finished Work' section.
I'm completely with Hubert about the 1/24 sub forum, which would clutter the main page and lately there were a lot of 1/16 armour kits released (I even built one :D). The logical next step would be a 1/16 sub forum. I think 1/32, 1/35 and 1/48 are the main scales, which cover 90% of the builds and as there are fitting categories for other scales, there should be no more sub forums than the named and a section for 'Others'.

Cheers Rob

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