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Bolivian AF Cavalier F-51D done

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All done with this one. I used a Tamiya P-51D kit with the Halberd Cavalier F-51 conversion set to make this Bolivian AF F-51D. The only after market item was a new rear seat from my stash of unused parts and of course the supplied Halberd stuff. Painted with Mr. Color, Compucolor, and Testor's. I replaced the Halberd rocket stubs, which seem to be a bit over size, with some from my stash of unused parts. I decided to keep the a/c "clean" with no weathering. I hope y'all like the results of my efforts. :)

6-12-23 001.jpg

6-12-23 002.jpg

6-12-23 003.jpg

6-12-23 004.jpg

6-12-23 005.jpg

6-12-23 006.jpg

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21 minutes ago, Peterpools said:


Awesome build and so well done. Completely agree with Kev, that the scheme is unique and eye-catching. 



Thank you Peter. I'm pleased it came out as well as it did and is such a eye catcher. :)

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10 hours ago, belugawhaleman said:

Wow, John! You finished that one in record time! Looks great!

I can't help admiring your growing stable of Mustangs!

Thanks Paul! Catching up to all my Corsairs LOL!:)

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5 hours ago, KUROK said:

So nice to see an unusual non-military subject.  Clean, nice work!

I can smell the Testors from here.  Smells so good!

Thanks! It's not totally non-military, just now OUR military LOL. :)

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