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Hobby Craft Sea Fury

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Well, I’m getting in deep building this and thought I’d post a few pics of what I’ve done.  First off, Carl offered up a Fisher folded wing and I gratuitously jumped on that offer since the kits fixed wing’s airfoil is molded in upside down.  
Besides, always wanted to add a folded wing project to the display case. 
To start off, the very sparse cockpit wasn’t even wide enough to fit inside. 

I also cut the opening back about 3/16” and moved the headrest back as well. IMG_0591.thumb.jpeg.8f5f2f0b04ba25824555c0bb8f3f18e3.jpeg

The wing arrived and I started carving away. Remember how the airfoil is upside down?  That means the wing saddle is too flat for the Fisher wing to fit even after getting parts out of the way. 



This is after trimming everything. I filed the top of the wing some where it fits in the fuselage, but stopped when I realized I would be into the wheel wells if not careful.  

I built up the back of the “saddle” to fill the gap. In retrospect, I should have kept sanding into the fuselage just a little deeper.  I was afraid if I went too far I would have ruined the only good kit parts that came in the box.  

Had a gap at the front I had to fill with Evergreen stock.  

Landing gear. Ugh….. Paul designed this wing correctly and even the Hobby Crap, err…Craft  gear needed heavy modding.  Way too short.  I cut the receiver holes out of the kit wheel wells and glued them to the struts. 





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Now I did forget to get pics of how I mounted the gear.  I’ll try to explain. 

Once the glue set up overnight on the pieces I added from the wheel housing, I cut a slot in the top and glued in a strip of Evergreen stock that would fit into the receiver holes for Paul’s gear. Epoxied that assembly into the wing. 

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Of course I had to go ham fist it up and accidentally hit the wrong spot with sanding sticks.  A little 2000 grit and some spit took them right out.  But the vacuum material is harder to polish.  Had to break out the Milwaukee tools! 


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Had to make up some underwing light lenses since I’m sure Carl needed his for his fixed wing build. LOL!  Pulled out the circle cutter and used it on clear sheet plastic I had.  Supposed to be almost pear shaped, but I’m going to have to settle for round. IMG_0664.thumb.jpeg.4e09dab6c9b99f692ba70f205a51dca8.jpeg

I used some .010 Evergreen to make a lip the lens can sit on. 

And off to fitting and gluing the inner gear doors. 

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17 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Scott, I didn't notice if there were lenses. So hopefully they're in the box or I'll need to make some too. 

Look for a clear casting with these lenses and the wing tip lights along with the landing light on the wings LE.  I’ve seen them in pics on reviews.  
Those goobers at Hobby Craft made the kit lenses on a regular gray sprue and not with the canopy. 

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