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Hobbyboss Spitfire Vb 1/32 lots of aftermarket!

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This was a quick build by my standards, although I started in August!


Build thread http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1293-hobbyboss-spitfire-vb-trop-132nd-plenty-of-after-market/


The Hobbyboss kit is far from perfect but builds nicely, it's lacking in a few areas that I've hopefully addressed with copious aftermarket parts! Starting in the cockpit I've used Barracuda resin for the pilots seat, throttle, undercarriage lever, control column (big improvement over the huge kit part!) spare parts from the Tamiya Mk IX for the armoured head rest and gunsight, Eduard etch instrument panel, and a few scratch built parts.


I replaced the kit clear parts with the Hasegawa windscreen and canopy as most MkV trops had the internal armoured windscreen, Quick Boost exhausts ( although the kits ones are actually very good on comparison) I corrected the fabric covered tailplanes, Master brass beefed up the cannon barrels and I used the De Havilland prop from the Hasegawa kit.


Mal at Miracle masks did me some custom vinyl masks for a Malta based spit from 249 squadron, one from the earliest batch delivered to the island and flown by several notable aces. These were believed to of had the midstone over painted with a grey/blue colour possibly Ex Dk sea grey, colours used are all White ensign enamels. Plenty of help from Tony O'Toole with the colour scheme, and thanks to Our own glorious leader Jim Hatch for taking the photos.

















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