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F-35A Splinter

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This kit has been patiently waiting in the stash for 3 or 4 years to get built.  Of course after buying it I start reading a few issues presented when building it. It’s true!  So I kind of pigeon holed it until the USAF introduced the newest Splinter scheme last year.  
I finally found a source for vinyl masks and decals and of course “Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!”

One bit of AM I bought years ago (and panicked at first when I couldn’t find it right away after the move) was the Kopecky exhaust.  Kit part is just way too small.  Unfortunately Kopeckey doesn’t provide instructions with the parts and after digging online I kind of figured it out.  

The kit wheels and tires were an absolute joke.  More like flat tires. So ResKit to the rescue there.  I also splurged for the Quinta interior set.  

Kit issues, other than too small of an exhaust and flat tires….bad sink marks everywhere. Some almost unfixable unless you want to spend the next three years sanding off the RAM details around gear and weapons doors, correcting sink marks and replacing ram edges with Evergreen stock. 
Gear doors were not called out correctly and the nose gear door arms won’t even reach the glue points. I had to epoxy the doors to the fuselage.  Cannot install the landing light since it would get in the way of the door.  
PE rail in the canopy with the grips just would not go in place.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just that bad of a modeler?  
Wing gaps were horrible.  I’ve seen some builds where they added Evergreen stock to fill them in.  I simply used sprue goo.  Same with the tail feathers.  Big gaps and an unusual way of designing them.  Kopeckey makes replacements for these as well.  I highly recommend over kit parts, but I was too hard headed to realize this until it was too late.  
I’ve seen these kits up for sale cheap after someone got started.  I almost snagged one to build a “What If” Thunderbird.  Nope. No way.  Not gonna happen now!  






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Awesome build and your F-35 looks fantastic, especially in the splinter cammo scheme.🏆

Just wish I had room for the Big Jets in my display case but the real estate is very limited these days. I've become a 48th scale builder with jets these days.


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Lovely work and especially the splinter scheme.  Cool.  Your patience in building this kit is admirable.  I won't take on a project like this anymore.  Too frustrating and I don't want to spend the money on the kit, then all the AM to fix it.  I admire you folks who take on these beasts and turn them into well-done kits!  I'll buy the cheap Revell P-51D though, and add $75 of AM to make it better!  Go figure...

I also love the Thunderbird P-51D!  Where did you get the decals for it?  That and I might tackle a Miss America P-51 one day. 

You have quite the collection in that case!

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