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New Years Modelling Resolutions

Dave J

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So normally I am not one to make any type of resolutions... But this year I thought I would give it a go!


So my goal is try to build 12 kits this year... I know it's a bit of a total, but I managed to knock out 7 last year... There are couple of kits that I am planning to do out of the box with only a couple of small items added, like harness, wheels etc.. So it's sounds totally doable!


So these are the kits that I want to get done this year, in no particular order...


1. Tamiya F4U Corsair

2. Eduard Bf109E

3. Revell Junkers Ju88

4. Wingnut Wings Fokker D.VIIF

5. Tamiya A6M2a Zero

6. Trumpeter FA/18E

7. PCM Hurricane

8. Dragon Bf110






I left a few blank as no doubt there will be some new releases that I will want to build! So it will be interesting to see at the end of the year how I stick to this list..


So have you made any Modelling Resolutions???

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My new year resolution is to finish 7 models kits... I never build more than 7... :(

And most of then are already started:


1 - Gotha - WnW

2 - Tortoise - Meng

3 - E.III - WnW

4 - Pup - WnW

5 -Typhoon - Hasegawa 1:48

6 - 



The others blank option is for or new release or from the stash.... :)

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Ah.. good question.. My modelling resolutions - in general terms


- finish the year with a net reduction in stash size. (Build more than I buy! B:B ratio?)

- finish the kits on the bench: Tamiya Spit and Trumpy P-47N, both for the Pacific War GB

- rescue from shelf of doom - hobbyboss spit - assuming I can resolve the canopy shape issue


New projects (from the stash)

- Hasegawa Dora for the Focke Wulf GB

- SWS P-51D - scheme undecided - I really want to build this kit.

- Hasegawa 109 Gustav with Aries engine set


That'll do methinks!

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So having resolved already to run a half marathon in early May, the training for that has commenced. As we are not able to get out and run at the moment due to the arctic vortex which has frozen Toronto, we are doing a daily Taibo workout in the basement, much to the amusement of my two sons, who have been warned on pain of death, not to post any pictures on Facebook.

Modelling wise, Finish the Biff and a 1/48 scale Hasegawa Typhoon which is already nearing completion. Next 1/32 build will be the Revell Ju88, unless anything comes up via the User Review Group. I also want to build some 1/48 Spitfires (Eduard and Airfix) and the Airfix 1/48 Sea Vixen (for my Dad who worked on them while serving in the Fleet Air Arm). So hopefully achievable goals (don't know about the half marathon though :blink: )

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My Modelling New Year's Resolution is to rescue as many kits as possible from the Shelf of Doom.  I have 7 1/48 kits, 1 armor kit, and two 1/32 kits.  I could do most of them in one year, but that would mean no other builds.  I hope to do half of them this year!

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Number one issue I need to work on is time management need to address how I spend my time and stick with a plan.  Fine tune my multiple build technique.


For 2014 - *nothing etched in stone with these. some will make it to the bench some will not.


Hag - Fw190A8

Revell/AIMS -  Ju88 Mistel 1 (match with above Fw190A8)

Planet/Hag - Fw190C

Hag - P47 "Slick Chick" - coming out of the bin as I have figured a solution to scratch build the M10 bazooka tubes

*Hag - Shiden

*MDC - Tiffy 1b

*ZM - He219

*Tam - P51D


Set up my photo table which means serious analysis of available space in Man-Cave and Garage.

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Simply to finish some kits...


My 109G is almost there... just all the little bits that take an age...


Hasegawa/Owl FW190A-8/R11 - FW GB

WNW Roland D VIa WW1 GB

Trumpeter E-10 'paper panzer'





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Very simply I must build more, in 2012 I built one kit, in 2013 this rose to 2 kits, I must do better in 2014 !





Den, I completed precisely zero kits in 2012 and (almost) completed one in 2013; that kit will be my first completion for 2014. Prior to a move in late 2011, I used to manage 3 or 4 kits a year.  I, too, have simply resolved to do better, production-wise, in '14.




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Oh, I forgot...I also resolved to take better photos of my kits...this Galaxy 2 phone camera REALLY stinks on ice. I am going to dust off an older, but perfectly good, Canon digital camera and set up some sort of photo booth.

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