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1/24 Hawker Typhoon


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According to the net the stunning Airfix Hawker Typhoon will be in the shops

Around June 6 th ( nice timing). The first build article will appear in Airfix World

Magazine out around May 1 st. Now that will be a sight. Will it sell by the bucket load?

What do you think?


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It will sell well in the UK, maybe well in Europe but I'm not sure it will be a big seller in the US or rest of the world. It looks really well done and I'm sure a build review beforehand will help sales figures. If you want it buy it, because I don't see it being in production long as most who want it will snap it up straight away.

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Ok so without having looked in depth at the build on BritMod, do we know exactly what type of Tiffy this is?


ie Tempest tailplane, fuselage stiffeners, options for 3 or 4 prop blades and so on?

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According to pics it has the fish plates, three and four bladed props. I believe the Tempest tailplane

Was used with the fourblader, can anyone confirm?


thanks Cees


i have checked out the BM build here




and it def has Tempest tail plane


the reinforced tail joint / "fish pates" were first seen on mid production car door typhoons, and kept all the way through


Tempest tail planes first seen on mid prod, but the last ones with the car door; they were retro-fitted i think, so this means check your refs; four blade prop also seen on last ones of car door mid prod


four blade prop seen on bubble top late production, but these would not have tempest tail plane


four blade and tempest tp means last production batch


all info from Valiant Wings book, which i reviewed for SPR ;)

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