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1/32 Revell Beaufighter TF X conversion

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Here are some photographs of my attempt to convert the ancient but still viable Revell Beau from a Mk I with horizonal tail into a Mk VI with the dihedral tail.




The tail was lenghtened by inserting a folded piece of plasticard



As seen here



Cannon ports were drilled out to make them round



Eleveators seperated



Oil coolers intake had to be made



Yup my photographic skills again, using fine mesh for the radiatorface



Tailplanes dryfitted



Exhaust collector rings filled with miliput to avoid the empty look



Engines look usable



Fuselage detail is non-existent so had to do some work here



Getting there



Bit of work makes a big difference



Basic interior scratchbuilt



Other side, drinking straw in a new function als heating pipe



Panellines rescribed, it transforms the kit



Dryfitting the airframe



Making the wingspar caps more pronounced



Decals to be used by Aviaeology, Coastal Command, a well known bird


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I am was going to to this aswell... As I would have to have a RNZAF Beau... Was going to wait for Wingscales kit... but now I will have to revisit this idea. I will be following with interest!

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..................Calling Derek !.................Harv


Hello? :)


Cees is doing a fantastic job on that Beaufighter :D


I am currently repairing my master pattern at the moment and I have started on a few new parts for it.





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Wingscale was the original guy that started the 32nd B-25 and B-17 kits from HK Models.. The partnership broke up and they when separate ways... He announced a pile of newly tooled 32nd kits... Mossie, Beau, B-26 etc... But mid last year(?) he pulled the plug on the Wingscale project...

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  • 2 months later...

After the Whitley tailplanes I feel the need for a short deviation. The Beau has been dug out from the attic

Today. Prepare to see some progress on this one. First the interior will need detailing and painting. Then

The airframe will be quickly build up (I hope) and the brutish lines of the Beau emerge. Then the real fun part

Can begin, painting that enormous stretch of plastic, not that I am complaining.


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My pleasure heh heh. We can us more Beaufighter builds. They are rarely seen on forums, same goes

For the Revell Mosquito, they did some great kits in the seventies, must have been Lucy in the sky with diamonds

I gather.


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Oh goodie good, two Beaufighters possibly ?? Oh, I hope so. As you said Cees, the brutish lines are so attractive - it was a purposeful looking aircraft. You just knew what it was there for. Yup, I really hope you go for it George.

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Have been working on some more detailing of the frames and stringers. The "detail" on the fuselage wall is pure fiction but gives

a busy feel. The structure on the walls and the details on the floor are according to references. When the Wireless operators seat

is fitted not much can ben seen anyway. Also a pic of the vacform canopies which I found on ebay, very pleased with them. Can't

understand why Revell chose to model an early Beau of which a small number were built. Finally a pic of the starboard engine

nacelle which really shows the pugnacious character of the Beau and the porcupine exhaust dampers that are a real must in this

scale. They look fantastic.


Here are the pics, hope you like them.




















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