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Mossie bites


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My HK Mossie is already winging its way to me via Profimodeller in Czech! Along with the kit I've picked up their cockpit, bomb bay sets and stencils.












Undecided on a scheme yet but may well go naked with all that lovely wood panelling!

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Is this that new kit with no center seam line fuselage? Looks like a lot extra goodies you are using. Very nice :)

Thanks, yes it is. Extra's arrived on friday and tracking shows the kit should land at my home tomorrow! Super excited!

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Yep, Roy Sutherland was the builder. Tamiya Model Magazine October 2005. It's also featured in Osprey's modelling series.


Cheers Bevan.

Got the Osprey book, thought I'd seen it before. Time to dig it out again.

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