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AW Whitley Mk V, a journey

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Hi all,


here's something that suddenly sprung to mind last week. Must be a latent desire for this very underrated type (meaning war record not performance wise). As there is no kit, scratchbuilding (here we go again) is the only option. I hope to see this project through in the end using as many possibilites, skils (not necessarily mine), ancient (fettling) new (3D printing) etc.


Anyway, here is a small start to make a 1/32 Whitley.


I enlarged the Ian Huntley drawings on a copier




And made some templates for the tailplane and fins




Confucius said: a long journey starts with a small step, this is a small step.

Confused? Well i am.

Hope you like it.

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Hi Cees,

This is going to be huge! Even if you'll never get further than the fuselage :)


Jeez, you're not kidding ... this should be a mandatory follow along for everyone on LSM !

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Can you not make a Wellington in 1/32??


If you were to scratch one, I guarantee that just prior to completion a company would release an injection mould version.


This would make you unhappy (perhaps).


But I would be VERY happy.




:) :) :)

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Thanks, I was inspired by Alex Kontiveis's example in Scale Aircraft Modelling recently. He got his information from Elliott Smock who is collecting parts to reconstruct a full size one. I have known Elliott for years and he promised to provide detailed information. The Whitley I hope to represent will be N1521, the remains of which we recovered from a shallow lake. A wealth of items were recovered including a 6 metre wingsection.


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An update,

I had the drawings enlarged on one large sheet of paper at the local copyshop. This will be the general source of information.

The copies on A3 I did earlier I use for work drawings. On these I will make notes, cut to shreads, cat will play with them etc.etc.


I actually made a start by layering plastic sheet to the correct thickness of the horizontal tailplane. The shape is also roughly cut out.

These two solid blocks will soon be attacked with very coarse sandpaper to get the aerofoil. After that it will be finished off with

finer grades of sandpaper to a smooth finish. So far the theory.


Also made a template for the fuselage, the shape is very simple really, now on the look out for a piece of wood the correct



The drawing laid out like a carpet



The blanks before rigorous sanding commences


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Another update,


A pic of the basic fuselage shape, it's genenerally a wedge, not figuered out how to tackle the masters but that

will be a matter of time. :blink:


About the tailplanes, the coarse sandpaper routine didn't work, but files did. It took quite a few hourse to get where I

am now but the two tailplane halves are almost finished. Althoug in the pic you see only one. They need some polishing

but it went surprisingly easy. You see the before and after situation, Just remove the bits that are not Whitley tailplane (yeah right). <_<


When Jeroen Peters popped in for a beer sateruday evening he suggested to place something next to the parts so you can see the size.

Well, we all know the size of a beer can don't we......... B)


I am now working on the tailfins to the same principle. This is fun.








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Cees, looking good.........so far! (Que film soundtrack!)


Don't know a.) if still available, or b.) available where you live, but,

an easier way to take 'bulk' off the plastic card is with a "Sandivik" sanding block.

The 'coarse' metal sanding surface will cut back the excess plastic in minutes, 

giving you a.) more time to 'fine tune' the aerofoil section, or, b.) more time for 'beer'!!


Tip was given to me by John Adams (Mr. Aeroclub) as an easier way to sand off excess from vacforms.



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Thanks Paul,

Now you tell me LOL, good tip, I know the brand an will look for one.

Forgot to mention that I also have a small hand plane that I found in the

Toolbox (after the first tailplane was done). That worked very well too for

Rough shaping.


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Bedankt Jamme,


Smalish update, although a significant one in my view.


The blanks for the tailplane and fins have been finished. Now the fun part can start such as

seperating the elevators and rudders, scribing the panellines and general detailing. In a short

space of time a lot of progress has been made.


Hope you like it





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Next update,


The rudders and elevators have been seperated, everything is square. Now I'm worried, it never goes as well as this one

does at the moment. :unsure:


A small bird tells me....




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