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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

And the winner is:


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Hi guys!! 


Uschi (Alex) just send me the following message and with his permission i put it here:



James Machin: No. 1






Pardelhas (Fran): No.2





DoDo: No. 3





Reasons: No.2 and No.1 are technically on the same level, as far as the available viz matz allow to figure. No.1 went the extra mile with the masking job which has been applied very nicely. No.1 also took a more challenging way of presentation, which again went very well and didnt backfire at all. It was the opposite. It made it even more special. These extra efforts should be honored. These are the main reasons for my assessment. No. 3 put serious efforts in effects and it helped further. However, some effects need to be refined a lil bit more in order to keep up with No.1 and 2. The remaining one, (Hansa Brandenburg) should receive a "Recommended" for participating and finishing in time.


So here it is!! :)


Congrats to the WINNER!! :)



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I really can't believe I won, honestly what a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning.


I have to say though that there are some incredibly talented artists within our community whom inspire me and have really helped me over the past year to develop and learn new skills and techniques - so this win is really a dedication to everyone here who has taken the time to share their work in progress, techniques and whom take the extra time to answer messages, private messages and emails explaining their methods and techniques in detail so that others can replicate them.


I would also like to thank everyone for the very kind words of encouragement over the past 80 days that it took me from start to finish - they really meant a lot to me and gave me motivation to try not only my best but to push my limits.


Thank you.

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....and the prizes are....?


Sorry, I'm just a material type of guy. Modelling-wise that is.




WnW will send a prize to the winner! ;)


And Uschi will give vouchers... 


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