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1:32 Revell Messerschmitt Bf109G-10 Erla 'Yellow 2"


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This kit was given to me as a birthday present earlier in the year by my very good friends Lloyd, Mike, Ray, Dave, Ian and Sean


I will starting this build soon, just got a couple of bits to do on my Spitfire and I waiting for the paint to arrive for this one




It will be built as this aircraft:




and these aftermarket parts




I may have to add some wheels and tyres...


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Did a little on the Gustav today whilst waiting on things on the Spit drying.


Cockpit floor painted and weathered, I also added some tape toe straps on the rudder pedals.




And 'debelted' the seat as I will be adding HGW cloth belts










More soon.

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Good progress today, got the side-walls finished, IP finished and the cockpit assembled.


Port side-wall



Starboard side-wall



Instrument panel



Starboard side-wall in place with the cockpit assembly



Cockpit fully assembled



Next job was to remove the small scoop intakes from the nose on both sides of the fuselage



I then added replacement resin Barracuda scoops and exhaust stubs



Really pleased with the way this kit is going together.

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What do you folks think?

These are some after-market parts for my 1:32 Revell Bf109G-10


The small wheel bulge insert compared against the part for the G-6 boxing (kit part to the front) As you can see the resin part is way out and if sanded to shape there will be no leading edge just a hole!




The wheels (kit part to the right) I actually prefer the kit part.




The oil cooler is a bit improvement over the kit part (kit part to front)



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So today's progress, quite a lot done today the cockpit was cemented into one of the fuselage halves and the mating halve cemented together. I then added the Barracuda resin carburettor intake and corrected oil cooler. Both fitted very well.

Next up was to add the upper inner wing parts. As the plane I'm building has the narrower/smaller wheels it doesn't need the large upper wing wheel bulges supplied with the kit.For this I purchased the Ally Cat replacement, but as can be seen from a previous post it would be very hard if not impossible to make them fit. So my only other option was to 'steal' the inner wing parts from my G-6 kit. :(






Lower wings were fitted next, closely followed by the upper outer wing parts.




Some clamping and filling with Mr Dissolved Putty was required on the wing joins, but the fit is not too bad.

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Finally got a couple hours back at the bench. Not a lot to see but the upper wing joins have been broken and reset meaning that one joint has had to have some more filler applied.


And the upper tail, rudder, tail-planes and elevators all assembled and on the aircraft.



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I've really enjoyed reading through your creation Mish, thank you. Great choice of colour scheme by the way and the figure will add a great focal point :)


I'm really looking forward to seeing it come to life



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Which markings will you use Mish - or are you going to paint them?


This one



Will be decals apart from the green and white ID band


Nice choice and start Mish,

Well saved on the wings, that will buff right out!

Those figures are looking good as an add on too.




Yep one has come out okay so far.

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Finally found some time to get back to the bench and cracked on with the 109.


First job was to apply the Mondex masks to the canopy, this is the first time I have used Mondex masks and apart from some lifting at a couple of the corners they worked well.




After priming the next job was to spray the undersides with RLM 76 using the new Mr Paint range




Then is was the topsides again using Mr Paint, only this time RLM 74 & 75






More soon.

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