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1:32 Revell Spitfire

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Revell 1:32 Spitfire Mk.IIa

(Backdated to Mk.Ia)

QV-K P9386 19 Sqn Pilot S/L Brian Lane and F/L Walter Lawson



Kit: Revell 1:32 Spitfire Mk.IIa

Decals: EagleCal EC#157

Paint: AK Interactive 

Sundries: Mig AMMO Washes, Tamiya Weathering System, HGW Harness, Aires cockpit PE & Wheels, Barracuda Oil Cooler, Top Notch Camo Masks

WIP Thread: LINK


I'm really impressed with this kit, Revell have done us proud for the cost. Okay I have thrown a few extra at it that tripped the price but I'm really happy with the way she turned out. My first time using camo masks and I really must thank Sean who supplied me with the masks and quite a bit of help in using them. I really can recommend them, so much easier than Whitetac 'worms'.

The EagleCal decals were on the thick side and need a few coats of Mr Mark Softener to get them to pull down.












I hope it was worth the wait and thanks for looking.

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Thank you all, she turned out pretty good, I know there is some errors on her but the next one will be better.


I'm indebted to James H (Jim) and his wonderful ADH book, next time I will try all the modifications he suggests. :)


Right on to the 109G-10

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Looks good to me from here. I'm not fluent in the shape nuances of the Spitfire, but i certainly wouldn't mistake this for a Miles Master.


Sometimes i wonder if the excessive rivets Revell put on the model were an intentional jab at the British modelling community. i.e.,, they lost the war but they could get back at them by machine-gunning the British favourite in a highly systematic, precise, German sort of way.



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Finally finished my Wings Cockpit Figures pilot finished for the Spitfire, my painting of it is not as good as I would have liked but it will look okay from normal viewing distance.



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