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Bf 110D-3, 6./ZG 76, "M8+AP" (1/32 Dragon)

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I started this one last month but the progress has been pretty slow, finally got to the point where I can post some pictures.  This is the 1/32 Dragon kit (D-1/R1 boxing), I'll be doing it as "M8+AP" from 6./ZG 76 piloted by Hauptmann Heinz Nacke, Argos, Greece in May of 1941.  Minimal after-market will be used, the kit really doesn't need it.  HGW seatbelts, Quickboost, exhausts, Hobbydecal stencils, Montex Super Mask set and an RB brass MG 15 for the rear gun.






Most of the cockpit work is done, the biggest project of this nature I've done to date, lots of detail and lots of parts! 


Fuselage sidewalls:






Cockpit deck:








Instrument panel, done with Airscale and Mike Grant decals:





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Guest styrenedemon

I had no idea those Dragon 110s were so nice. I may have to consider one in lieu of 1/48th at some point. 

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Fuselage is together, fit overall has been very good with the exception of the forward part of the belly panel where it joins the fuselage, there's a pretty significant step that will have to eliminated and the wing root will need to be blended in.  The kit comes with a fully detailed machine gun bay in the nose with no provision to display it, oh well.





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Very cool! That is going to be a monster! Whats the wing  span?, gotta be about 2ft? I have a Bday coming up, Maybe if I took my asawa to the hobby shop... Nah, she'd still get it wrong! (LOL) Great looking thus far Mike!

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Decided to open with one of the engine nacelles to display the engine detail.  Wound up being almost a model in itself and an all day project but came out OK.  The level of detail on this kit is just superb, this OOB with the exception of drilling out the lightening holes in the engine bearers and a piece of copper wire.









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Good job on those engines, Mike.

They look very realistic, the plumbing really pops.


Not sure if I agree about drilling the bearers.

Spent some time looking for some more pics about them, but none of the pics I've seen are conclusive about the exact type of engine bearers in the Bf 110.

All I can say about this is that the DB engine bearers I've seen at our museum have stamped circles in them with flanged edges, but no holes.


As my BF will be modeled all closed up ( for the eventual diorama at the museum ) I'm happy to follow a BF-build with some detail hanging out. 






After some quick research, you are absolutely correct.  I'll post my standard disclaimer "any resemblance between my models and actual aircraft is purely coincidental and unintentional!" ;)

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Thanks for the pics and welcome to the forums! 


That's a great detail picture of the engine, looks like I need to add a little plumbing.  I was actually able to pry the old engine bearers off and replaced them with the other set that I hadn't drilled out.  The yellow on the wiring was a conscious decision, there was a just a lot of gray in the aft portion of the cockpit and was looking to add a little visual pop and interest. 

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Looking great Mikey!


John that Engine photo is fantastic! It looks like it was taken yesterday with a DSLR!

That's a problem Dave, blurry pictures gave you license to "fudge" the placement of pipes and wires whilst still making things look authentic! Ban old accurate photos I say (only joking).

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