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1/35 Tamiya M10 Tank Destroyer

Dave J

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I haven't built much lately, as I was unable to sit comfortably for more than 10-15 minutes at time at the bench, thanks to an back issue. Prior to my operation I started gluing bits together of the Tamiya M-10 when I could. It pretty much fell together and got it to this point pre surgery where I had to stop.


Now surgery fixing the issue I am able to sit longer and actually get a bit done! So I am calling this one done now. The M10 was painted with Mr Color Lacquer & Vallejo paint, weathered with AK & Ammo washes, pigments etc, Stowage is a mixture of Black Dog, Blast Models and Tamiya bits. I plan to get to a base and figures later on.











Now I will slow work on the base and Figures. But I will need to source a few things prior to the base being finished.

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Looks great Dave. The stowage and ammunition, etc really set it off. The figures look very nice as well, would be good to see it once they and the base are done.

Hope the surgery has been successful. Back problems are never fun. Funnily enough mine resolved when I stopped playing cricket! 

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That's the way to come back from a bad back. Nice M10 with lots of eye catching detail. Can't wait to see the setting with figures painted.

Cheers Rob


Back problems are never fun. Funnily enough mine resolved when I stopped playing cricket! 

@GusMac It seems to be about bats and balls. My back got better after finishing my 25 year lasting baseball "career". Surfing, swimming and moumtainbiking is definitely better for the back.

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