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The 154M is a very cool jet. Very popular around the world but getting old like 727.  :(

I think Russia grounded their entire fleet after the Alexandrov Ensemble died in one a couple years ago off the coast of Sochi.  Apparently the crew tried to take off without extending the flaps. They didn’t get far.  

But like the 727 and Trident, she’s old, loud, and definitely not green.  But oh so cool in a way that no homogenized modern cookie cutter twinjet people mover could only dream of being.


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1 hour ago, GusMac said:

Bit lacking in windows! Especially for the crew! 

Never built an airliner kit but I presume all the windows come as decals?

This kit would have you cut out the cockpit area, install an itty bitty 1/72 cockpit, and cover it with a vac canopy to be masked for windows. 

Whoever dreamed up that must have been chewing the locoweed, as I’m using special decals. 

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