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Stop the press!! New Wingnut Wings Lancaster on the way!


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No pictures yet, but Wingnut Wings has announced a new 1/32 scale Lancaster kit.

Dambusters and a B.1 and a  B.lll!

More to follow. Pics when available!

Kit is in development now for possible release in 2019.

This news is absolutely HUGE guys. 

God Save the Queen!  

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Looks like poor Jennings is butthurt over on TOS. :rofl:   If he’s pissed, I’m ecstatic..  the poor baby. 


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  • Pardon my French, but un-F**KING-believable.  My opinion of WnW and Peter Jackson just dropped into a cesspool.  What a low life move.  Very childish. 
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3 minutes ago, JohnB said:

(...) How about a B-26 Marauder and a A-26 Invader?

Only if Marauders and Invaders were to star in one of his next movies. ;)

WNW's decision to tackle the Lanc, thus going head-to-head with HKM, could be largely connected to Peter jackson's ongoing The Dambusters remake.  Quite obviously Mr Jackson didn't contempt himself with full-scale Lanc mock-ups... And we all know one thing for sure: He's nuts!

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I won’t dignify the wishing for new kits circle of doom.

However, if he’s doing the Barnes Wallis story, then back up a couple years and give us his beautiful creation, the Vickers Wellington.  Can you even imagine the WNW treatment on the Wellie’s fabric and geodetic x frames?

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