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SAAB J35J Draken, F10 Ängelholm, 1995. Hasegawa (1/48)

Ivan Ivanovich

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Due to the absence of a 32nd scale kit, I had to make do with the Draken in its 48th scale guise.



  • Aires Draken Cockpit Set (#4374)
  • Aires Draken Exhaust Nozzle (#4378)
  • Paints: Gunze AQUEOUS HOBBY COLOR and Alclad II.
  • RB 24J missiles (Hasegawa Weapons Set: C)













Thanks for looking.




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Nice job on the Draken, you un-dulled the monochrome paintjob greatly. I've never built one of theese Swedish jets, but have been tempted lots of times. There is clearly an openeing for some new 1/32 material.

On ‎10‎/‎3‎/‎2018 at 5:47 AM, Ivan Ivanovich said:

Although I'm more into Prog-Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Prog-Metal/Industrial/Crossover stuff, every then and now, I need a good dose of ABBA. :D

I'm not with you with the ABBA thing :D, but remember a friend driving an old Saab 900 in the eighties and the interior looked like the same design team of the Jets-division did the job. You even had a 'Fasten Seat Belts' sign illuminated on the dash, in a time when lots of people refused to use safety belts at all. The ignition was in the middle console and you had to hope that the key would'nt break, because the SAAB had one of the firs immobilizers on board.

Got carried away, but yeah, a decent Tunnan would do it for me, because i'm afraid of the splinter camo of a Viggen.

Cheers Rob

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Very nice looking build. I like the way the panel lines were painted. I have a question, how did you take those pictures? What software did you use to remove the background?

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Thanks, Johnny.

Photo set-up:

  • Telescopic Manfrotto camera tripod
  • Lighting: 2 telescopic studio lamps with 5400K spiral daylight lamps, adjustable from 35-50cm
  • Background: White paper renovation fleece, 106 cm wide
  • Photo editing: Photoshop CS

Fairly inexpensive Somikon studio lamp, paid less than 50 EUR for a set of two:




5400K spiral daylight lamp (150W), 10 EUR per lamp:



32nd scale Revellogawa Bf 106K-4, pics taken with the same set-up:





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