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New to the forum

FME erk

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I would  like to say hello to the membership.

I have joined because I have pre-ordered the HK Lancaster and wish to learn/share ideas and solution to issues that will present themselves.

I have built a couple of 32nd vehicle kits but cannot see a topic listing for this type of build, any pointers would be appreciated.

Looking forward to 'meeting you' along the way


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Well, David, THIS is THE place for that, I have learned a ton of new techniques, and the wealth of knowledge here is unbeatable, and the talent here is , well, sometimes leaves me speechless..... ask any question and there will be a very thorough, detailed, polite, and well informed answer ..... you will find this a great place to hang out, I know I do... welcome aboard to this little mad house ....... you will have fun for sure...B)

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Welcome David!

   If you click on the home tab that takes you to the list of forums.  Scrolling down you'll find 'LSM in progress' and a little further down you'll find 'LSM Armour Finished work'


Happy modelling!



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