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Fw 190A-4, Stab I./JG 1 "<I+" (1/32 PCM)

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Well, it's finally done.  This will not go down in history as my most enjoyable build.  A few rough spots and areas that should be better but I kind of reached the point where it was time to finish it up and move on to the next project.

The only add-ons are the new BarracudaCast wheels (excellent) , Quickboost gun set and a Montex resin rudder.












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1 hour ago, Wumm said:

Beautiful job,

You'd never know there were any problems the way she turned out. Maybe some WIP shots next time (hint hint)?


You know me with WIP shots, I try, but.... :lol:

I did put a few up in the Wurger party thread though.  I'm not happy with these pics either.  That photo backdrop didn't have enough sky in it so the planes sits too low on the backdrop.  Time to have some new backdrops made.

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