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Barracuda Resin Lancaster wheels.

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A few months back, I approached Roy Sutherland at Barracuda and Mike Swinburne with the idea of producing some aftermarket wheels for the new crop of 1/32 Lancaster kits here and soon to come.    Both were quite receptive to the idea, and between everyone, an idea formed.

Mike and Roy each got a wheel from my kit, and after some back and forth, trials, tribulations, busted knuckles, and some baleful looks from my dog, a little box arrived from Barracuda.  Inside we’re two absolutely beautiful postwar RCAF Lancaster wheels with block tread tires.  But, I was sworn to absolute Military Grade secrecy as we would not only be getting postwar block treads, but also much needed resin replacements for the smoothies in the kit that ended up somewhat devoid of detail.

Check these out, folks. I put a kit wheel next to them for comparison sake, and all I can say is WOW!!!  These wheels are stunning, and the added sidewalk detail along with the block tread just screams LATE WAR Lancs or Postwar RCAF.

The smoothie is every bit as nice as these and either set will go miles to improving the look of your big Lanc kit.

I’m proud to announce today that these wheels will be released in both 1/32 and 1/72, and will be available from Barracuda Studios in August. Limited number s should be available for direct purchase at the Nats as well. 

Two huge thumbs up to Barracuda Studios and Mike Swinburne as well for making this happen.

Check Barracuda Studios website for details.








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18 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

Roy's stuff has been the pinnacle in terms of quality and detail. He is like my personal resin Santa :)

Agreed there!  And my set is even the pre production test run. If mine are a test set, I’d love to examine a retail production set.   I’ll look at the Nats. 

Things like this is why I always bang the drum to support the AM resin, decal, and PE manufacturers. Buy their products, use and showcase their products, and feature it on your builds.

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1 hour ago, Bill_S said:

Roy's data placard decals are little gems too!

Agreed there!   I've used the P-51 and Corsair decals myself, as well as his generic placards for various builds. Great Stuff!

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27 minutes ago, seiran01 said:

I do love a good plug (that’s what she said!)

Thanks Ernie, this was a fun project.  

Mike, this is just a warm up.  :)

3 minutes ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Guess I'll need to get some of those.

Thanks for facilitating this Ernie!


Carl, all I did was what I do well: Bump my gums together,

The people who did it all are Mike and Roy.

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