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Clearing my "Shelf of doom".

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi guys. This little Spitfire is for a young student. I spent quite some time on it. I have my other work to complete so want to get this done. I used MRP RAF dark green and brown. It doesn't look right. I was tempted to strip it and use GSI paint instead. However I can't justify the time. The boy won't know or care.


Anyway his mum told me he is too lazy to build it. :D

I used a black base. I think this is where it all went wrong. Knowing me, I will probably strip it and invest in a decal sheet.

We shall see.



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Hi Dale. colours look ok other than the dark green which looks a bit 'olive' in the photos but that may just be how it appears on screen.

The ability to 'live with' things is always a hard one. Hope the kid likes it anyway.

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  • 2 months later...

After the teeny weeny Spitfire it was a day for my stuff. I set the alarm for 4.50 AM.  I got up and had breaky, Coke Zero and a leftover slice of pizza, and bingo bango i began. I have been painting and sanding until just now, 5.31 PM. I painted gear bays and cockpits for a 1/48 Me 262, F-84, Aichi Seiran and 1/32 Dauntless. 12 hours solid. I even forgot to shower.

No, I don't stink.

(Not much anyway)

Here's the Seiran with my testing a new way to weather. The AC is painted top bottom but I have only weatherd the top and sides. Not complete but I ran out of time. I am using my AK pencil set for the first time and pastels. Tell me what you think.






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My life is now happier than it has been in years. This morning I awoke early to put some paint on my Dinah. I now go to my studio to play drums for 7 hours. Then return home to continue modelling. I have no complaints and consider myself very lucky. :)

The Dinah at this early stage in her paint job.




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