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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

IPMS USA Nationals 2019 pictures


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LSMs are extremely well represented this year, and the overall build quality is excellent. 

Post your pictures here and I’ll start. 

Mine are random pics of stuff I liked, not all are large scale, but all are stunning builds

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Just now, ScottsGT said:

Keep 'em coming!!

So what else does your Lancaster need?  I'd call it a day and put it behind glass, and be very proud of it.

Well, I ran out of time so most of it is held together with canopy glue.   Like the tail and main gear for example. 

Plus I need a couple small stencils on one wing and then add the antenna farm on top of the fuselage and all along the bomb bay doors

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13 minutes ago, crazypoet said:

Hey - you already posted most of the best stuff!

Can you take some armor pics and post them? Same with your picket boat and any other ships that you like?  I powered out and am heading to my room for a bit. 

I need to go to a bank to get cash for the Pontos 1/200 Hood set

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