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Fighting the Carpet Monster


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That's a relief! I mean seriously, isn't it enough that my visage scares small children???

Walking down the street with arms outstretched groaning and people running away in panic sounds way too busy. 

However, were that to happen, calm would once again be restored by the singing hum of a compressor and the light wisp of the airbrush...

Airbrush. :thumbsup2:

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I finally pulled out the carpet from my building area and laid down some wood flooring.

Then, I affixed a clear plexi office mat over the wood so my chair would roll.  All mighty high tech, but... plastic shavings and bits of ends of sprues seem to magically sneak under the clear plexi, helping camouflage and wayward small part. 

It’s an evil plot against my waning bit of remaining sanity, I fear. 

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