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1:32 Hasegawa Bf 109 K-4 "Black 8", 14/JG53

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Done in 2009.  Used quite a few of the EagleParts bits and decals; Quickboost MGs and exhausts; and Wedgetail prop blades.  Rivets added with a pin...






















Thanks for the kind responses to the previous offerings - much appreciated.  Cheers, Ralph.

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Guest styrenedemon

Another head turner for sure. I love the scheme. Superb weathering too. How to you achieve the worn down paint (the chipped/scuffed areas)

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Ralph, remember this one from when you posted on LSP. Still one of my favourite/most admired late war (or any period for that matter) Luftwaffe finishes.


Didn't you do an absolutely cracking black Bf 110 nightfighter..? That would be nice to see again....



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Thanks for you comments Gents - much appreciated.


styrenedemon:  the scuffs were done using very dilute mixes of colours close to the base colours.  They were mottled on during the painting stage, and then blended in using Testors Dullcote that had been tinted with small amouts of Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black and XF-68 Red Brown acrylics paint.  The chips around the rivets resulted from very light sanding of the rivets agter painting.  Rather than sand the little bumps that push up when adding the rivets, I left them - added the paint - then sanded carefully to pop out some fo the rivets.  Other chips were added with thinned XF-16 Flat Aluminium enamel and then blended with the tinted Dullcote lacquer.  The tinted Dullcote mix was also used to add light grime on the airframe, and help build up the exhaust staining.  Hope this helps.


Jeroen; Matt:  will try to dig up some others, including the 110.


Cheers, Ralph.

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