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Worst Case Scenario


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One of our IPMS members stored all of his kits is a locker at a mainstream storage facility.

Someone bridged the gap between his and the next and cherrypicked his stash.

He lost most of his collection , they went through it with an educated eye .

Who would risk criminal B&E charges,  a possible criminal record and the humiliation of being caught stealing models?

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Sounds like an inside job...

What are the chances of someone randomly breaking into a Storage Unit; finding only Model kits inside and knowing what had value, and what to leave behind.

Someone knew what he had, and knew exactly where to find it. 


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Not much help from the company or the cops.

I told him to get over it , even if they show up on the vendor tables at the show , he'll hafta watch and cant do anything.

The models may have A/M  inside but they are unmarked personally.

Really crappy. And pretty obvious an inside job as only his wife knew about where they were.

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