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Airfix 1/48 Lightning F1 111 Sqn


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Just cleared this from my workbench, my fourth model since returning to modelling. Learnt a lot from this one, first use of a airbrush, a Flory wash. Kit is straight out of the box apart from 111 Sqn decals and added details to the ejection seat.









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Cool. I remember building a 1/48 Lightning F1a ... some 25 years ago. It was an ID model vac-form. I was very proud of it, and then my children thought it was a cool toy too, to go flying around the house 'Whoooooooooooooshhhhh !" :)


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They do, and despite their typically British ungainly design, they somehow looked cool (at least until they got pregnant - and useful at last - with the big tank).

As for the kit:

1) This is life when you have young children at home

2) I should have stored them better if I wanted to keep them longer

3) it was just an advanced call on their ultimate fate. Until recently, and my new wife, I was binning the finished kits after some time. It was a way of keeping some free shelf space, and also a reflection that I was more interested in the building process than the finished kit ;)

Nice work again on that icon of Britishness.


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