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Rodens SSW D.III Late 1/32

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Finished off another project that I have been working on . This time Rodens SSW D.III . I used Brenguns PE set , gaspatch guns , RP seatbelts , Uschi standard rigging line , decals from the spare box and a few kit corrections in the cockpit with added detail . And HGW 5 colour fade lozenge upper and lower with their 5 colour rib tape upper and lower . The scheme is from Jack Herris book SSW aircraft of WW 1 . 


The build can be view here https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=10553.0



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Very nice rendition of the SSW. The paintjob looks great, the black and white lines enhance the elegance. I will never understand, why the Germans put in that much effort to camouflage their birds with weird Lozenge camo, only to paint the fuselages so brightly. Good for us though, because it is pure fun to paint these planes.

Cheers Rob 

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