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KH OV -10, which one


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Harv, be ready for an interesting build. It's a very demanding kit with plenty of pitfalls for the unwary, but no worse than the P-38 you converted.

The Aerocraft landing gear are an absolute MUST with this kit.   The kit gear is weak and not up to the task, so spend the few dollars and get the gear from Britain. 

Other than that, if you want a semi tough but crazy rewarding build, build it mostly OOB. Yoy can busy up the pit with a few runs of lead wire, but other than that, just build it.

People talk bad about Kitty Hawk kits, but properly built Kitty Hawk kits always seem to do VERY well at the Nats.  

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Thanks Ern. I'm well aware  of the " pitfalls" of the kits. Not looking the rearrange the universe with this , I just want something with just enough gumshin to keep it interesting. And yes, the build into a great looking model as the rest of their kits. I will be getting the brass gear for it.....harv

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