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Zoukie-Mura F4J Phantom II Marines - 1/48


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Ok , in at the deep end, my first jet for 45+ years. 

This is my first ZM as well and so far been very impressed. The engineering is very good and the detail for a 1/48 is outstanding. Love the Cartograf IP decals went down beautifully. Added some wiring behind the rear panel, I think that’s right?

For a 1/48 it’s not small, fuselage inc nose cone around 15” or 380mm.

Please bear with me as I know very little about jets, so come along for the journey if you are so inclined.....




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Small update as this “working from home” scenario isn’t giving me anymore bench time.......so ducts and engines primed, I think they are the right colours? Learnt a couple of things about ZM. Beware of the sprue gates, probably my cutters but had a couple of incidents, so cut away and sand back. The second was the 4 attachments on the fuselage, see pic. I dug to deep, now have to fill and feather back :wallbash:...other than that love the ZM engineering .......



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I like it a lot, i does get some bad press, the brass and copper are very impressive. This is the gunmetal, you buff it afterwards and then seal it. The engines  and the turbine and afterburner ring are True Metal and the intake vane is AK xtreme metal chrome......probably all completely wrong colours......:hsmack:

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On 6/15/2020 at 10:04 AM, DocRob said:

Looking great Phil, but what exactly is scaring you? You are not at stenciling now :D.

Cheers Rob

Rob, I just looked at the stencilling requiring to be done..........####### me ......forever..........

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