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Fw190 A5 question. 3d printing ?


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Hey Harv...

I don't have access to 3D tech but FWIW, Aires have this as part of their #2020 set for the '190 D kit. You would need to cut the back wall from the kit part as the shrouds are moulded on, but at least I can confirm that it lines up with the holes in the wing leading edge (at least in my sample it does).




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36 minutes ago, harv said:

Oh thanks, but I'm not THAT nuts...lol... and Thunder, thanks a bunch and welcome to our slice of the universe....harv

It's just to show you the positioning Harv...

But if you're game to try, I'll walk you through it. It'll be fun, trust me!


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6 hours ago, thunnus64 said:


Just like Thunnus has done; only open up the wingtop gun cover, add the guns, unhinged the ammo case cover behind the rear wall. Basically, gut it like a Fish, then shove it all back in.


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