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Wife was on the warpath!


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My wife thinks my stash of just under 30 kits is a silly waste of money, but she never gives me any crap about it, because I just use all you knuckleheads with huge stashes as the comparison. Plus, she is a serious bargain hunter, and in the last year I've made enough selling stuff on ebay to cover my model building purchases, so she can get behind that. She's really very supportive. She might even come to Nats next year with me.

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My wife has seen my stash of over 300 kits and said nothing more than, "You have a lot of models." It's my only active hobby these days and she knows I need the outlet.

I also get my big kits from her on special occasions, so she knows the cost of some of them.

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1 hour ago, BlrwestSiR said:

I had Canada Post deliver a package today. It was a Tamiya Mosquito. Sue asked how many models  do I order in a month that they're delivering them on a Sunday now...:D

I’d take the boys for a bike ride now before the thumbs screws appear.........:respect:

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