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My finished models this year, 2020 in review.


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Well this was an unusual year to say the least, I can’t even begin to go over all the weirdness, but at least I can show some of my completed kits. Not the best year for completions, but not the worst either. I ended up with 8 completed models, although I don’t have any photos of the Tamiya P-51D, it was a “good enough” finish, I slapped it together just to say it’s done, but many things went wrong during the painting stage, so rather than re-paint it, I left it alone, as I know what I did wrong and I have more in the stash, so I will address those issues on the next build. 



Hasegawa 1/48 A-7E Corsair II, MRP Paint, CAM decals, no AM.



Revell 1/32 Iron Maiden Spitfire, Tamiya paint, kit decals, G-factor gear.



Hasegawa 1/72 A-6E Tram Intruder, random eBay decals, MRP paint, no AM.



Academy 1/35 AH-1Z Viper, MRP paints, kit decals, no AM



Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-15, lots of AM everywhere, Modelmaker Masks, full rescribe and rivet job, Vallejo Metal paint.



Tamiya 1/35 Marder III, Tamiya Paint, box stock.



FeR 1/16 scale “Ivar the Boneless”, Vallejo paint.


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My 2020 output was not bad quantity wise. I'm usually not a fast builder and to me it was a year full of distractions. Beside the finished models, I spent lots of time on other long term projects, which had some progress to show for and maybe some RFI to follow soon. I learned many new techniques this year, throwing me purposely into projects, which needed to adapt lots of new stuff and broadened my modelling skills more than other years. You will notice, that I'm biased a little towards WWI planes in the moment, but I like the variety in my output this year. Not all the builds were LS and quality wise you will be the judge...

Cheers Rob

T-90 from Meng

Pfalz D.III Wingnut Wings


Nautilus in 1/144 from Pegasus


My Eduard SSW twins in 1/48


AMK Mig-31 in 1/48


Hansa Brandenburg W.12 Wingnut Wings


Lada Niva 1/35 from Balaton Models


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If I was hijacking your thread, I apologize, it was without intent. I interpreted the title as an open thread, showing the individual 2020 output. Now that I see lots of different threads started by other members here, I got the feeling, I did wrong.
On the other hand, I would have liked an 2020 works thread for everyone and not individual, because that's what LSM is about :2c:.

Cheers Rob

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On 12/28/2020 at 10:25 AM, BlrwestSiR said:

Very nice builds gents. The Mig-15 finish is definitely unique. 

Great job too Rob, especially on all the WNW kits. 


Agreed  ! The Mig 15 is my favorite build !....harv :thumbsup2:

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