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  1. Nice, Cees! Didn't 322 fly Mk.XVI's (e-wing) with that scheme?
  2. Holy cow!! That is amazing work!! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I couldn't control my urges at the local hobby shop today...
  4. Mike, to ask maybe the stupidest of stupid questions: Does "armor and aircraft of any sort" mean that any scale goes, too? Or do you want it limited to Large Scale?
  5. It's friggin' AWESOME!! Great work, guys!!!!
  6. Fine review Jim! Could you possibly post the instructions for the different schemes, too, please? I'm always interested to see how the kivschemes would look when built... Cheers, Erik
  7. I decided to move this WIP from the HK Group Build to the Competition. The kit hasn't been worked on since June 2015....
  8. Well, I've got the kit and what a difference to the PCM it is! Wow! What I find a bit curious is that the name for "Le Grand Charles" seems t be missing from the decals?
  9. All depends on the time frame. From the top of my head, in Sept. 44, the stripes were ordered off the wings and the top and sides of the fuselage.
  10. Ey Cees, do you remember growling about the lack of replies early on in the build? Sometimes a WIP has value as documentation too. I just revisited to see how you did a couple of things as I'm preparing for the SH Tempest I have lying in front of me!
  11. I know.... I regret I had to pay for our lodging before the referendum....
  12. Took loads of pics, Jack, but they need some post-treatment. Since I'm still in the UK, I can't do that right now. The online photos I saw of Flying Legends show that the weather was better on the Sunday than on Saturday when I was there.... Ah, well.......
  13. That's why I bought it in the UK! Never experienced before that kits were cheaper in Britain than on the mainland!
  14. Good advice on the wheel wells, Jim! I'm wondering, would it be best to mate each nose piece to each fuselage half prior to mating the fuselage halfs together? That sort of thing usually helps me with multi-piece fuselages by Hasegawa and the likes... I scooped this kit up at Duxford during Flying Legends at the Hannants stand. Couldn't leave it, really, as it was €15 cheaper than at the Aviation Megastore! So now I'm looking at the box-art for over a week while on holiday in the Cotswolds! Maybe I should commence with cleaning up some parts already, eh? As always, I've got my basic tools with me...... Keep up the good work, I'm interesting how this will turn out!
  15. Wow, looks very attractive!
  16. Your address is probably in the system, I had that for a while with imports from Hong Kong. But what does the Douane website says is the maximum you can import tax free from the US? Look up what the rules are for scale (not RC!) models and -parts?
  17. Dragon has issued various Sherman V kits over the years, each one improving on the former. I don't know where they are now but I know that Tasca's (now called Asuka) Sherman V is very good indeed. I favour Tasca but don't like the tracks that come with the kit; invest in aftermarket. Also, the MG on the turret is a (beautiful) .50, although British Shermans were often seen with a .30 MG.
  18. I shall visit both, Flying legends on Saturday and the RIAT on Sunday. How about you lot? Cheers, Erik.
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