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  1. Yeah, looking refreshingly different! I was of the impression that the Criquets used radial engines, though? Or am I misinformed?
  2. Wow, that's a seriously attractive model you're building, Ralph. I too love the inner details you added! Good call on those AFV tracks. Silly thing is that I bought the single link tracks from AFV, looking a bit down my nose at the rubber bands.....
  3. This would be a great What-If, you know... A triplex Tornado! Great progress, BTW!
  4. Hahahahahaha!!!!!! "What is your hobby?" "I beagle model aircraft for my relaxation!"
  5. Great result, Jeroen! I like the subtle weathering and the wood base! And I won't mention the hachimaki and the saké here....
  6. I'm swearing by it.... Brilliant!!! For the proper English speakers: the saying goes along the lines that you think something is so good or the like that you'd take an oath on it. In Dutch: To take an oath = "zweren" To swear = "vloeken"
  7. BTW, you could maybe decant some Games Workshop 'Ardcoat in an empty Tamiya cup or so, pour it in your airbrush and then spray it?
  8. Parket Plus or Future is an option. It may need a drop of ammonia to break the surface tension (oppervlaktespanning) so it won't pearl. I Always liked ModelMaster Metalizer clear coat, although I don't know if that's acrylic or not. Don't know how it goes over the different brands of acrylic. I had good results with Tamiya or Gunze gloss clear. It does need some retarder or it will dry too fast and give you orange peel finish. I have HEARD (no personal experience) that if you use Tamiya or Gunze gloss clear diluted with Gunze lacqueur thinner it sprays super. Hope this helps...a bit
  9. Great result, Jeroen! But what's that pilot planning to do with that damn katana? He should have a cup of saké in his hand! Oh, and he should have a hachimaki around his head/helmet!
  10. Bought a thingy on impuls, yesterday.... Nazdarovye, tovarich!
  11. Hasta la vista, Babyyyyyyyyyyy!
  12. How are the Barracuda aftermarket parts for the G-6 and G-10? "Mandatory" or not? Of course they are never mandatory, but if they are a drop fit and markedly better than the kit parts...
  13. Looks promising, no shrinkage on the parts that you can see? That ruined a couple of aftermarket spinners (from a different mfg) for me.
  14. That's about 20:00 our time... You see, he DOES live in Germany/Austria!
  15. Hmm, that's what the story says.... What if that's just a "monkey-sandwich story" (Dunglish)?
  16. Very attractive work, Dodo! Loved the interior finish and the engine! Wondering though; is the model blue-grey or beige coloured? The white balance from your Phone-cam and the Nikon are at odds with each other!
  17. Especially Korea would be nice. Quite an underlighted subject! (Dunglish)
  18. Nice reshaping of the slat thickness! I'm not too fond of the Mastercasters products. I don't think his set would be any better than what you did yourself! In the Luftwaffe, air lines and bottles were painted blue. So if they're to be anything else than RLM02, I would think them to be blue. Then again, if those parts aren't bottles at all but fuel filters, the colour for fuel was yellow, for lubricants brown and for cooling fluid green. Ah, good tip on the propeller-blade collars! Didn't know / notice! As for the yellow of the landing light: chances are that these were clear when the aircraft were in use but yellowed on museum pieces over the years. As for the engine instruments: As far as I know, these were only present on the insides of the engines. To be able to use the engine cowls on both sides, both sides of the cowls had holes punched out.
  19. Oh! B-25C/D? B-26 Marauder? A-26 Invader? A-20 Boston?
  20. How about the Fouga Magister? An infinitely more interesting subject but puhlease no IAF aircraft! Just a proper trainer from the Frenchies or the Southern Dutch Belgians!
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