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  1. My kit is 32014, the B/D version. I found the box, and it has the pods you are looking for. I suppose you need just the pod parts, not the guns ? They are yours, dear sir. Just PM me your address. Hubert
  2. Lemme have a look tomorrow …. Hubert
  3. It was a pleasure watching you tackle this one, Jeroen, and the result speaks for itself 👍 ! Hubert
  4. Is it a -C or -D kit ? I know for sure I won’t be using any gun pod on mine. The questions then are : 1) Do I have the right kit for you ? 2) where did I put the box ? Just trying to manage your expectations, but if I can help you, I will … Hubert
  5. Interesting work, Ron. I have a neophyte question : why would one want to lengthen the wheelbase on a truck aimed at hauling a trailer ? That must make the handling pretty tough on some bends and corners. Hubert
  6. I so regretted selling mine a few years ago, that I ordered one as soon as the re-release was announced. Still in preparation, though ... Hubert
  7. Happy New Year to all of you at LSM ! And I am with the others to send a big thank you to Ernie and the moderating team for the work to keep this site as enjoyable as it is ! Hubert
  8. All Ikea products are getting lower in quality. Another best-seller is the Billy bookshelf. You would imagine a shelf of a bookshelf would be designed to withstand the weight of books … It used to be, but the new ones just take a few weeks to bow under the weight … And, btw, as a former marketeer, my #1 preoccupation was always product quality, to answer consumers’ and customers’ needs… If you want to blame someone, go looking for the « gurus » of the « financial economy », and the traders operating on the stock-exchange to get their next Rolex, or Porsche … Hubert
  9. Great TBM, ans so much more interesting than a GSB bomber or torpedo aircraft 👍 ! Well done, Jeff ! Hubert
  10. As it is Christmas, and in order not to offend anyone, I was going to stay politely silent … but I am with the others: thanks for the offer, but no, non, nao, niet, nie, thank you … (and it’s not about meeting the other members, but all about FB) Hubert
  11. « Ambitious project » is a trifle understated for this one 😉 Hubert
  12. I am always in awe of your metal working craftmanship, Peter … Hubert
  13. This reminds me of when I signed the purchase of the building for my company: the piece of paper came with literally tons of appendices 😉 (but they were paper, and not green )… Hubert
  14. It’s a pity to deface a 300 SL with this conversion, but the kit looks cool … Hubert
  15. This is going to be my contribution to the raffle: Eduard's Profipack Bf-108 with a few additional goodies like mask, wheels, PE-details, resin prop, etc. If it's acceptable for Ernie, I also have a number of books, basically duplicate buys, I can add to the raffle. But I know Ernie is wary of this kind of gift which has turned out to be more than often "lemons" from the givers... Hubert
  16. She’s a beauty, Peter. So very well done 👍 ! Congrats on the result. Hubert
  17. Nice work and figure (although you posted it in the middle of the « targets »’ section ) And welcome to LSM ! Hubert
  18. Good to see some old style calipers in use. At some stage, I thought it would be a smart (and modern) idea to use digital calipers. It was a good idea, until I found out that the battery was always OOS when I needed to use the calipers 😤. I have reverted to the old-style manual calipers. Now the only potentially OOS item is my eyesight 🤓 Hubert
  19. I’d say that at least KH’s radials look like radials, not like a Christmas tree decoration …That a R-3350 1/32 engine 😩 ? Hubert
  20. Like the Lottery : 10 years in monthly installments … Hubert
  21. This one may be a nasty one (as happens often in Texas and Australia with wild life ) but Patricia had me develop a special variant of carpet bombing, called « slipper crushing » … The issue is that I then get some complaints about collateral damage and the need to mop up the spider pulp 🙄 … Hubert
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