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  1. Different view from Kirk’s… I’d say that the one on the left looks more proportionate to me. At least, it looks more like mine, which I am seeing a lot of lately Hubert
  2. Oh yeah ! Now we’re talking ! Is it finished yet ? Hubert
  3. That’s about what I needed 😉. 130 m3 is a BIG move by any standards Hubert
  4. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but they’d probably install some P&W Wasps as pusher engines, for for the sake of « gizmologic accuracy » Hubert
  5. I’m in as well. I need a few more days to sort out through the stash after moving to the new house. Hubert
  6. As it also holds « the stash », it’s quite big. I have an outside view in exclusivity for y’all … Hubert
  7. AFAIK, that’s what Ramses II said … Hubert
  8. Is it a 30% replica of the 1/32 one ? If so, you’re still better off with the Monogram kit …. Hubert
  9. Me 2. But I was also waiting for the Draken 😉 ! Hubert
  10. Well Jetmads’ Saab 35 Drake. Is announced for March 2024, with preorders staring tomorrow at 18:00 UTC. Hubert
  11. Me. i recently got an Elegoo Saturn 2 8K, to replace my older and smaller 4K printer. For 3D design, I used Solidworks, but now that I am retired and have no more access to this software, I have switched to Atom 3D which has a very similar interface to SW. These 3D softwares are demanding in RAM and graphic cards. Go looking for a gamer's machine, and you'll be covered. HTH Hubert
  12. Fran is too modest to mention that the 3 WnW biplanes are his, as well as the cute Baby Yoda Great models on show, and, no disrespect for the others, but the last pic, of NRPD Joao de Castro, totally scratchbuilt in 1/125, was absolutely fantastic and took a well-deserved "best-in-show". An enjoyable time there, and a great opportunity to meet Fran in person. Hubert
  13. In the « interesting » stories about car parts, I have been wanting to change the brakes on my Cayman GTS, from the cheap ones the previous owner had put on the car, to some high performance discs and pads, with some more Porsche-like bite. Now this is where the fun begins: high-performance brakes use some special alloys, which, in Europe at least, have been bought almost in totality by the Defense industry in its goal to boost its production since the beginning of the Ukraine war. Morality: I got new discs after a wait of 8 weeks, but after 4 months, I am still waiting for the pads . But I keep hope: one day, my car will brake like it should when you slam on the brake pedal … Hubert
  14. The pleasure was for me, Fran. (Yesterday, we had a full-fledged meeting of the LSM Portuguese contingent, around a bottle of wine and some BBQ-grilled fish. To quote Fran seeing my in-progress builds, my bench and witnessing my tool-addiction : « You’re crazy ! » 🤣😂🤣. Guilty as charged you Honor 🤪 !) And, btw, Fran’s WnW biplanes are fantastic, and one took a well-deserved medal 🥇 at Modelscala Montijo (knowing another one was not competing, having won last year). A great time together 👍 ! Hubert
  15. Glisteningly brilliant Hubert
  16. I could be interested, but that’s just too much work 🥱 Hubert
  17. Too bad for the cruise. I think you are of the few who act responsibly in this situation. Last year, I caught Covid in Lisbon airport, on my way to France. Then I passed it on to my wife. We cancelled our return flight 10 days later, but, as we had to get home, drove from France to Portugal. However, the fact that I caught it in an airport, when the Covid situation was a well-known factor (18 months after the start of the crisis, and far from the its peak) just shows that some people knowingly went through the airport and on their flight, when they should not have … i hope you have a good insurance coverage for the cancelled cruise. Hubert
  18. But then you can drive it on the shortcuts through the meadows … Hubert
  19. Well, HPH just re-released their Avia B-534. I always regretted selling the one I had. The new release is now on my « bought » list Hubert
  20. For me, it’s more about focusing on one important technological aspect, which is the power source used for many decades on land, air and sea, rather than feeling compelled to show it … Besides, it would complicate matters a lot to show the engine on, say, a tank or a Packard-powered boat … Hubert
  21. For me, anything that was/is powered by a V-12, even it you do not see the engine. So a curbside 917, yes, but not a GT 40. Or an all-closed P-51, but not a P-47, a Lancaster, but not a B-24, etc. Hubert PS: I realised I was starting to bend the rule already by mentioning the 917, which, of course, had a flat-12. Unless the rule becomes « powered by one or more 12-cylinders engines»
  22. Personally, « Night stalkers » seems a bit restrictive to me. The « let’s get wet » GB was a success because of the wide range of options it opened. if it’s to have a tribute to Harv, then « Honoring US vets » is a theme opening a lot of opportunities, including tanks and ships. I quite like the idea that was discussed in another thread « powered by a V12 », that could cover a lot of subjects, including tanks and MTBs … Hubert
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