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TBM ditching


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I'm a bit surprised no one has posted this here so far. Apparently he had engine trouble and took the best coarse  of action to save the airplane. Textbook ditching. I hope the plane can be recovered before the ocean tears it apart.






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7 hours ago, Spitfire said:

That was a an amazing feat, and very lucky that no swimmers were caught up in the incident, everyone seemed so calm, though it was probably because it happened so fast.



Very lucky he had a place withing gliding distance to land.:)

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5 hours ago, FME erk said:

Thanks for sharing, so fortunate that somebody recorded it . . .

I echo you thoughts about getting it saved before the tides rip it apart  .. . .


I hope they are getting on with it soon!

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49 minutes ago, GusMac said:

Even made the BBC news over here. Very neat ditching and lucky the beach was quite quiet.

Agreed! Very well done. It has been recovered now for rebuild, etc.

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7 minutes ago, The Dude said:

Good save, glad no one was inured. It sucks though that they will probably have to tear it apart again from all the salt water getting into everything

No doubt it will be a big job but at least the a/c was saved. :)

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