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Wingnut wings Hansa Brandenburg w.12 1/32

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Hello all!

Few months ago i finally managed to get w.12!

I don't have too much of wnw kits, and when i saw oportunity to buy w.12, it was a must for me :)

Starting with cockpit! Wood grain was done with acrilyc pencils + coat of clear orange

Waiting for HGW seatbelts, GasPatch turnbuckles and Wotan prop from Proper Plane! 

Huge thanks to Carl Weaver, Karol Konwerski and Kamil Trembacz for help and input!! :)




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That wood interior looks great, and the detail on the IP is exceptional. Will you add levers to the switches on the left side? I used some lead wire on my build, which I flattened with pliers. It's a great kit and I'm sure you will the build.

Cheers Rob

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3 minutes ago, Peterpools said:

Awesome work .. decaling is perfect.

Keep 'em comin


Thanks Peter! Decaling was quite easy! Gotta love those aviattic decals! 

I'll see what else can i do before i recieve turnbuckles (already 1week at customs...) And also waiting for seatbelts from HGW

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Your Hansa Brandenburg will look awesome. I went the same way, using the Aviattic Lozenge for mine and they were a joy to work with. It's a great kit, where you can concentrate completely on painting and weathering. I'm eagerly looking forward for your progress.

Cheers Rob

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Thanks guys! 

I must say that i started with modeling last year, and although i have started like all my 5-6 wnw kits that i managed to buy from last year to present hahahah i haven't finished any! At some point i just stopped working as i thought something is missing and i'm not able to give them 100%

On this build, it will be finished, and as my second model ever!


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