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Czech Air Force L 29 Delfin 'Tiger Meet', Eduard 1/48


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This is a very nice kit, the detail is great, fit is near perfect and the decals are extremely nice, all 200+ of them. My only gripe is there was not enough room for me to get the nose weighted down, so I made up a little base for her to sit on. I really like Tiger Meet special markings and this is a cracker of a kit. It's painted in overall RLM 04 yellow, weathering kept down as she looked pretty good when on display. It seems this aircraft was kept in her tiger colours and put on a pole outside an airbase hanger. 





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Forgot to mention that there was a L 29 at last weekend's Waukegan air show along

with a couple  of L 39s and many more planes including other early jets and ww2 aircraft. While I didn't go to the airs show, I did see the planes fly very low over

my mother's house which is near the airport.  

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