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1/350 USS Arizona


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As requested, I am listing the products used during the build, identifying the kit shortfalls, corrections for accuracy, and additions or modifications performed.


1/350 USS Arizona manufactured by Banner 
(also sold under Hobby Boss and Mini Hobby)


- Eduard super detail PE set # EDU53016
- Eduard super detail PE Set # EDU53069
- Eduard USS Arizona Railings # EDU53078
- Tom's Modelworks cranes and catapults PE set #TMW3528
- Tom's Modelworks boat details PE set #TMW3529
- Alliance Modelworks WW2 US Naval vessel wiring, cable, routers #NW35020
- Alliance Modelworks WW2 triangular perforated gussets #NW35032
- machined naval vessel ships bell #CYG011
- machined US Navy bollards and metal anchor chain #CYG007 (Qty=2)
- US Navy upgrade set #CYE012
- Master Models machined brass barrels (22) #350049
- Trumpeter 1/350 OSU-2 Kingfisher float planes #6249
- Blue Ridge Model's VF-5 decal set (for correct OSU-2 insignia) #BRM1109
- Scale Decks wood deck #LCD-42
- China value based wood deck (for small boats)
- AK Interactive US Navy WW2 camouflage paint set 1
- AK Interactive US Navy WW2 camouflage paint set 2 
- AK Interactive thinner, brush cleaner
- Tamiya 1/350 Naval crew # 12622
- Minted USS Arizona challenge coins (2)
- Hobby Lobby 5x18 picture frame (for base)
- Hobby Lobby 1/8" premuim mat board
- JTT resin water (blue and clear)
- JTT model railroad snow powder
- Brass, plastic, aluminum rods, sheets, extrusions (various)
- welding solder (.162, .031, .015) various lengths
- Cements (CA glue, Testers clear glue, Loctite gel, debonding agent, insta-set)
- Brushes and applicators (various)
- Hobby knife razor blades (many for PE alone)
- Wet/dry sanding paper (various 320-2000 grit) 
- Sew-ology clear nylon rigging thread #1254360


- The Battleship Arizona (Waldemar Goralski)
- USS Arizona, The enduring Legacy of a Battleship (Ineo Bauernfeind)
- Battleship Arizona, An Illustrated History (Paul Stillwell)
- USS Arizona, Squadron at Sea (David Boyle)
- USS Arizona, Ships Data (Leeward Publications)
- USS Arizona Ships Drawings, Arizona Memorial Museum Assn.
- input from various first hand experts


- Poor deck fitting and details (corrected with wood deck, PE and scratch components)
- Poor design and seams in superstructure (corrected with PE, plastic, brass, etc.)
- Poorly molded 5" broadside gun stations (modified for soft covers, brass barrels)
- Poorly molded stairs, ladders, doors, vents (removed old, corrected with PE sets)
- Poorly molded aircraft (disgarded, corrected with Eduard, PE and scratch items)
- Poorly molded anchor chain (removed old, corrected with real scale chain)
- Poorly molded hawes pipes and anchor locker holes (reshaped, PE, plastic)
- Poorly molded barrels and design (discarded, scratch build with metal barrels)
- Poorly molded detail on main guns (corrected with scratch and PE parts)
- Poorly molded splinter shields and gun tubs (removed, replaced with PE, scratch work)
- Poorly molded and inaccurate superstructure (removed, replaced with PE and scratch)
- Poorly molded and inaccurate conning tower (removed, replaced with PE)
- Poorly molded and inaccurate signal flag boxes (removed replaced with PE)
- Poorly molded cranes and catapults (discarded, replaced with PE, and scratch items)
- Poor detail under all platforms (removed, replaced with PE and scratch items)
- Boat mounts incorrect and poor mold (removed, replaced with PE and scratch items)
- Rear gun tubs molded wrong (removed, replaced with PE and scratch items)
- Boats and barges lack any detail (corrected with PE and scratch items)
- Incorrect leading edge of hull armor plate (reshaped corrected belt lines)
- Incorrect bilge keels (did not use lower half of hull)
- Incorrect location for main mast tripod legs (modified model and scratch items)
- Incorrect signal platform in kit and Eduard (modified, scratch items, PE)
- Incorrect platforms/stairs by vegetable locker (partial scratch fix)
- Incorrect search light structures on exhaust funnel (removed, fixed with PE)
- Incorrect flag poles (front, rear, main mast) (removed and created from scratch)
- Incorrect masts and antenna array (removed, fixed with PE and scratch items)
- Missing R.D.F. Hut on superstructure (created from scratch)
- Missing Mk#49 platforms/rings superstructure (created from scratch)
- Missing Mk#49 raised platforms stern tubs (created from scratch)
- Missing and incorrect Eduard PE conning tower stairs (scratch built with PE)
- Missing incinerator (created from scratch)
- Missing all open chocks (created from scratch)
- Missing reels, waterproof doors, vents (corrected with PE)
- Missing anchor details (corrected with PE and scratch)
- Missing flags for bow, stern, no signal flags, (corrected from scratch)
- Missing sky top MG Platform for 41 (fixed with PE and scratch items)
- Missing fore mast sky perch for 41 (corrected with PE)
- Missing boat booms on sides of hull (fixed with scratch items)
- Missing hull observation planks (fixed with spare part PE)

After all that, I present my corrected USS Arizona. It is shown as anchored in February 1941 at the Puget Sound Naval Ship Yard prior to its departure to Pearl Harbor. It is painted in the correct period colors.












I think I could've kept going on small stuff, but there has to be a time to call something "done". When I started I had no idea what I was getting into. The research which included conflicting information; all of the extra's purchased for the kit; the scratch building; I could go on, but I'm sure all you modeler's understand. While it was far more effort than initially anticipated, I wanted to honor those who served on her so I felt I had to do something special. After just under 900 hours and $XXX.00 I hope I achieved that.

DRUMS01 a.k.a. Ben

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That is absolutely amazing work, it must be very satisfying after all the research and work to sit back and really appreciate it.

Mind you most modellers only see the bits that they got wrong, which is a shame, hopefully not in this case.



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