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How to Post Photos

Dave J

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Most forums require you to link to images that are stored somewhere else on the web. This “somewhere else” is where Photobucket comes in. Photobucket is a site that will host your images for free, and allow you to grab the image’s linking information with just one click. It’s that easy.

Step number one: Open your Photobucket account or register for a free Photobucket account here.


Step number two: Upload your photos to your new Photobucket account.

Step number three: Post your photo into a forum thread. There are two ways to do this, and with Photobucket, they only require one click apiece.


The first way is to use the “Insert Photo” button in the toolbar when you create a new thread or response.

First, find the photo on Photobucket in a new tab or window, locate the “Links to share this photo” box to the right of the image, and simply click on the bottom option, labeled “Direct”. Photobucket automatically copies the code for you, so there’s no need to right click and select copy from a menu.

Next, open a new thread or response in the forum and click on the Insert Image button. A new dialogue box will appear asking you to enter the URL address for the photo. Simply paste the info you grabbed from Photobucket into the dialogue box and you’re done. Easy.


The other way to post a photo is to skip the Insert Photo button and just use the BBCode, or IMG Code. Find the photo on Photobucket that you want to link to. Then, in the “Links to share this photo” box to the right of the photo, simply click on the third option from the top, labeled “IMG”. This is already written in the BBCode your forum requires, so just paste it right into the text of the thread you are creating, and presto!


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Houston, I (We) have a problem,

Since today instead of my Photobucket hosted pictures I only see this:



To enable 3rd Party hosting I would have to upgrade PB to this:

"Plus 500 Plan: 500 GB of Storage and unlimited bandwidth for $399.99 / Year. The Plus 500 Plan allows for unlimited image linking and unlimited 3rd party image hosting.

Read more: http://photobucket.com/terms#ixzz4lU6SmARU"


I will not do that, I use PB exclusively for that forum and as I have a small bandwith on my island net, switching to annother service and reloading the pictures is not an option.
My thoughts about the behaviour and conduct of PB I will keep to myself in the moment, but maybe words like blackmail will escape my venom filled mouth later. 

So for the moment I'm frustrated and out.

Any suggestions are welcome

Cheers Rob


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Hi Rob, I to am seeing this anyone using pb (not paying) has to upgrade for 3rd party.

This really blows sh...t

I have started using LSM own picture hosting this year works great.

Cheers Darren 



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Hi Darren, thanks for your answer and suggetion. For me there is one question left, how do you utilize LSM-picture-hosting if I may ask.
The good thing in hosting "inside" LSM is, that it is obviously not third party anymore ;). Changing to another service might get you into the same trouble happeneing now with PB sooner or later. When they are smelling blood...

Cheers Rob


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Hi Rob,

When you start a new topic or even reply to messages like this' you have the option to open files and "click to choose files" from your device. Resize your image and away you go. At the top you will see icons the "magnifying glass"icon is a preview of what will load and what it will look like.  hope this helps



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2 hours ago, aderowlands said:

Ok so I have managed to upload some photos from my iPad directly to an in progress post I have going, will those photos disappear from the thread should I delete them from my iPhotos on the iPad or are they now here regardless?

If you uploaded them here, then you can delete from iPhotos with no problems. 

I would maybe, just for your own reassurance (if the photos are important to you), still back them up elsewhere. I back mine up to iCloud.

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1 hour ago, Daywalker said:

Is there a recommended size for photos here?

Pretty much as big as you want to go, the site will scale them to fit and expand when you click them.  And great to see you back my friend! :beer:

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2 hours ago, FME erk said:

How does one post a photo for our 'front of house' profile so it can be seen when I post ??

I place a pic on my profile EDIT page thinking that this would appear but its not the case ??

Any pointers please


David, how big is the pic?  I tried adding another photo to mine for a test and it doesn't show up either so it may be too large.  Try something about the size of mine.

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